Monday, August 10, 2009

Sweet Dreams or a Beautiful Nightmare.

Ok so things are getting a bit hectic around here. One week till launch, and my table is filled with unfinished work, and concepts! It is chaotic, I like to think of it as organized chaos. Even though I am launching August 15th, there is more work yet to be done. I will be introducing a line of metal pieces, and rustic over-the-top rings, with black diamonds (amongst other stones), and once those pieces are ready to go, it is back to the drawing board to work on pieces for my Spring 2010 collection.

Check out that pretty little fabric in the pics! I picked up tons of pretty voile' fabric which I will fashion into rosettes and folded roses for some of my vintage-inspired statement necklaces.


  1. This is like looking at candy!! I'm so excited and cannot wait until the 15th! The pieces you are using look amazing, can't wait to see the final products!