Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Best Damn Entertainer PERIOD.

This Friday, I intend on pre-ordering The Michael Jackson Opus ($165 via Ticketmaster). This leather bound book, will be the first book officially released by Michael Jackson's estate, and is said to include exclusive photos, tributes, illustrations, and poems.

The books will begin to ship December 7th, and everyone who pre-ordered should have their copies of the Opus in their hot little hands by Christmas Day. What a lovely Christmas present to myself. I can't wait.

According to USA TODAY:

Kraken Opus reached out to Jackson last year through the singer's attorney Peter Lopez. "We wanted to tell the behind-the-scenes story of Michael Jackson the entertainer," Fowler says. The plan was to include Jackson's concerts at London's O2 Arena, which were set to start in July.

While Jackson was in rehearsals, he invited Kraken executives to his house in Los Angeles. When Fowler mentioned they were working on a Disney Opus, Jackson reacted "like a boy in a sweet shop. He asked if he could contribute and get a copy."

Lopez says Jackson was impressed by the Opuses' "sense of grandeur" and "expressed a definite desire to get on board." But Lopez and Kraken were still in negotiations when Jackson died June 25, which required the company to seek approval from his estate — and amend its strategy.

For the full article, visit USA TODAY.

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