Monday, August 24, 2009

My First Love.

Everyone has one, mine just happens to be fashion. We go way back, I'm his thread to his needle, his pattern to his fabric, his...ok, I am getting cheesy now, I will stop :-) Any who, during my sabbatical from my jewelry line, I decided to do some things to get my mind back in creative mode, and release stress as well. I picked up a few patterns from Joann's, some designer fabric from my new favorite textile company...and went to work.

Then came the big decision....what to make, what to make. I decided to surf on over to my favorite European shop;, to take a look at some of the dresses I may have wanted to recreate.

Remember, all clothing is constructed with some of the same basic lines, and principles (there are definitely some exceptions to th
is), so picking patterns to recreate some of those Asos dresses were easy peasy. The hardest thing was figuring out which fabric to use first. I decided to go with a Cynthia Rowley tunic/dress pattern with Silk Voile floral fabric. I may add some "fluttery" sleeves for some ummph. Pics of the finished garment are soon to follow :)

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